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Established in 1983, Compu-Phone was the originator of our prominent “Compu” franchises. It has since been joined by our sister brands CompuCam, an advanced business security provider, and CompuConnect, a full service IT and networking company. All four companies share the goal of delivering enterprise-ready products and services to our growing base of loyal corporate clients.
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If your business still has a Toshiba or any other Legacy phone system, this is the ideal time to look at a range of options, both cloud-based and premise, to understand the market more thoroughly. CompuVoIP is experienced in both IP and cloud-based deployments. With a cloud solution, you won’t be tied to expensive hardware, giving you the flexibility to make changes as needed and protecting you from yet another system heading towards obsolesence. Isn’t it time to finally upgrade your system? If you have questions about making the change from your old Toshiba system and learn about all of the benefits available to your organization’s communications network, contact the experts at CompuVoIP today.

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Our user guides describe how to use the Toshiba telephone products with Toshiba’s family of Strata®CIX™ and IPedge.

IP telephone systems: Strata CIX40, Strata CIX100, Strata CIX100-S, Strata CIX200, Strata CIX670, and Strata CIX1200 and IPedge. Some features are optional.

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