Thinking of buying a VoIP system for your business from one of the BIG GUYS? Think again!
Compare what your local guy (CompuVoIP) can offer that “Big Guy” never could.

  • Dedicated support staff that gets to know you and how you operate.

    When you call us and say you’re Ben from Mom’s Pizza, we’ll know exactly who you are. (And not just because you make the best pizza). We won’t need to know your mother’s maiden name or tax ID before we let you ask a question.

  • Extensive onboarding Discovery Interview to find out how you operate your business so you get a customized platform configured just for you.

    We don’t do just plain vanilla.  Our system setups are ice cream over waffles with whip cream, hot fudge and caramel crunch.When you want to make your small company look big, we’ll understand.When you want reception phones to handle multiple companies, we’ll know what to do.When you want the flexibility to sometimes work from your desk and sometimes from your mobile phone, we’ll know exactly how to set that up for you.

  • Monthly feature updates that keep you informed about new features and how you can utilize them for your business

    Technology keeps evolving, but that doesn’t mean that what you buy now will be a dinosaur in a few months.  VoIP enhancements are implemented in the cloud, so you can usually tap into them quite easily.  But if no one tells you about them, how will you know?

  • Local technicians for onsite installation, training and service so you don’t have to engage multiple companies (phone,cabling,IT) just to get your phones working.

    No one wants to sign up for a new phone system just to be told to get a cabling company to install the wiring, and an IT company to do the connections.  You’re busy enough running your own business, so let CompuVoIP do it all for you.  Get that ice cream and waffle sundae served together in one dish.

  • No contracts!

    Only the big guys lock you into a contract because they know you’ll be looking for greener pastures within the first few weeks.  Not CompuVoIP!  You stay in control of who you spend your money with.  You get the passwords to your phones, passwords to your portal and ownership of your phone numbers.  We’re so confident you’ll never want to leave us.

  • A wide variety of the most updated phone models

    Corporate moves at a snail’s pace.  To date, Verizon is is offering just 4 models of phones that are a full series behind technology.  The new Yealink T5 offered by CompuVoIP include these very important unique features not available on Verizon’s line of phones.     

    • 5 party conference
    • Built in Wifi
    • Built in Bluetooth
    • Supports cordless handset
    • Smart noise filtering and so much more.
  • We’ll record your greetings for you

    If you’ve called your local restaurant, doctor’s office and gym lately and keep hearing the same familiar voice,  it’s probably because they’re all very happy CompuVoIP customers and Rachel recorded their greetings. 

    Of course, we’ll give you instructions on how to do this yourself if you’re so inclined, but then what would Rachel do with all her spare time?

    Call us today to find out how to get the golden gloved VoIP phone experience your business deserves.  718-230-9292

  • We aim to please and earn FIVE STAR reviews

    Not to toot our own horn, but our customers are doing so for us.  Check out what experiences we’ve delivered to our customers Here