When we say “Work from Anywhere”


CompuVoIP has the perfect Work From Anywhere solutions for your business.

Clients and colleagues can easily reach employees anytime through one business number that will automatically ring their extension/mobile app/softphone wherever they may be.  This eliminates the necessity to track down employees on multiple numbers.  Compu-Phone streamlines communications, and seamlessly connects a distributed and fast-moving workforce.

Easy Remote connections

Connect remotely 1 of 3 ways:

  • Easily take your phone home with you and connect to internet connection at home. Connections available via Wifi (may require additional hardware)
  • Use Mobile App on any smartphone to twin your office extension
  • Use Softphone on any PC/laptop/tablet to twin office extension

Feature rich & ready As needed

Enhanced Features and Advantages of Remote Devices:

  • Call out using your Business Caller ID from any off site solution
  • Listen to and manage voicemail remotely
  • Collaborate with team with intercom dialing regardless of device used
  • Initiate meetings on softphone platform
  • Access company international long distance plan if required
  • Protect your business by having calls route only to system extensions and not employee’s personal cell phone number.
Be assured that your vital business communications are working seamlessly from outside of the “office.”

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